Jenna Does Dallas, Part 3

Let me reiterate:  Dallas was cold.

But during the one nice day I had, not only did I find a tiny (man-made) body of water, I  also walked around downtown.  There are several different neighborhoods in Dallas, much like any city (and I am still attached to the ones in Manhattan), but I found myself wandering to both the closest and most interesting – the Arts District.


It’s a pretty area, with lots of shiny buildings and interesting graffiti on some of the walls, and a few theaters and concert stages.  Not quite Broadway, or even Temple Street in New Haven, but still a nice place.


A bit of google maps later, I found myself at the Dallas Museum of Art.  No, it’s not the Mueso del Prado, or the MoMA, but it’s got enough  to keep me happy, and oh….yeah…it’s free.   This $25 entrance fee (or €14) thing is pretty steep, if you ask me.

There was some interesting art – old Mexican sculptures and masks, a handful of Mondrians, and a spattering of ancient Egyptian and Japanese relics – but the best part was the modern art chairs…..well, obviously.  It’s a freaking panda chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16_usiUSaxtbdTLSll8M6_MPRBwL6_7kwZr6Rqyx4NUO=w1015-h802-no Worry not, I was not arrested for trying to steal save said pandas from a fate worse than death – being crushed by a massive American derriere – but I did have to drag myself away.  Oh, pandas.  My weakness.  I spent a few hours meandering through the exhibits, and though I missed several really great ones (Pollock, Renoir, and International Pop Art), there was enough to remind me that art is everywhere.



  1. I still cant get over the panda chair. I feel horrible for the pandas AND for the museum that probably paid $50,000 for this piece which took $300 worth of pandas and a wire frame to make. Oh, “modern art,” you will be the end of humanity…

    1. Sigh….ACTUAL modern art is ok, right? It’s just this postmodern BS that grinds my gears. Though, it wasn’t as bad as paying to get into the Reina Sofia to see a piece of pine board, suspended from the ceiling by four chains, with a pink spotlight. It’s basically what I had in my backyard as a swing. #mydadcouldhavebeenafamousmodernartist

      But come on…ME! PANDAS!

      1. I know! I am very impressed you didnt “liberate” them. If you were frustrated by the Reina Sofia, you definitely should not visit DC’s Hirshhorn Museum of Modern Art. Just sayin’…..

      2. I was only tempered by the Guernica at the Reina Sofia. In DC, I’d probably hit the other museums and the ZOO FOR PANDAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dallas! Part of our ‘home’ will always be there. I owned a condo right on the other side of downtown from that underpass! I’d pass that graffiti on my way to work every day!

    And, as for the cold, I think I might have gotten a bit of a sunburn from being outside in the warmth all day today. California is where it’s at…that Mason-Dixon line is too unpredictable! 😉 Plus! We have a fold-out couch…

    1. I had NO idea you were down there! When I’m down there, I’m staying on Allen St, probably right around where you’re talking about! I am trying to learn to love the city, little by little.

      California is SO appealing, except for the difficult emissions requirements and the cost of living! My friend’s parents in Fresno said it’s be in the 80’s all winter, which is totally crazy – I am SO jealous!

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