Conveniently Korean

Sometimes, I feel the pull of the Motherland.  No, not that one.  The actual one, not the one I identify with.   Yeah, that one.


When this happens to me, I go into SuperAsian mode.  I visit the two tiny Korean bodegas right near my apartment, and I buy all manner of groceries with which to make Korean delicacies.  My favorite one is gimbap, which if I weren’t so lazy, would be incredibly time consuming.  It’s generally a picnic appetizer, a finger food, and it’s pretty and delicious – kind of like Korean maki rolls.


It’s a LOT of ingredients.  Rice, pickled Daikon radish, Korean-BBQ-marinated beef, spinach, carrots, shredded pork, egg, seaweed…and that’s even leaving out the kimchi, cucumber, and sesame seeds…and sometimes it’s not beef, it’s tofu, or imitation crab, or smoked tuna…

As I’m only Asian when it’s convenient, I do not have a bamboo rolling thingy.  (For a long time, I didn’t even own soy sauce.)  Instead, I roll them with my hands.  They are not round, they don’t always stay together for the kids, but they’re still fun.


Even when I feel my Korean roots firmly grounding me, the Italian side takes over and I always, always make too much.  Good for my friends, bad for me, as I generally will eat a whole roll before I’ve used up all the ingredients, and then proceed to eat several more rolls for dinner.  They also do not keep well – I’ve still not figured out how to preserve sticky rice so it doesn’t get all hard and inedible.


Occasionally, when I’m feeling REALLY ambitious, I’ll make a full LazyKorean spread, with bulgogi and kimchi.  While I could do the beef better, I’m just really lazy and pressed for time and space to marinate the meat.  So….who’s coming for dinner?




  1. Hooooooly mother, that plate of rolls is impressive. For the record, I have soy sauce AND teriyaki sauce at home. Also, that NK restaurant I went to in early winter is apparently super hip and authentic and is raved about by expats.

      1. I was told by some expat SK ppl here that the NK place Koryo is actually quite different (not like I;d know on my own, the only time I had Korean was w/you at that BBQ place in NYC K-town). Add THAT to my Moscow Eats list 🙂

  2. Yum! Yum! Yum! I looooove Korean food and surprisingly, there’s not that many Korean restaurants in Berlin. My favourite? A Korean BBQ place where you sit on the floor on cushions, you use your hands or chopsticks, and everything is spicy. Oh my!

    1. I haven’t found any place as authentic as that is, but there are some high quality Korean BBQ places in NYC and near me. But you need to go with a LOT of people because the sheer amount of food is beyond enough for one person!

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