Easter Sunday Funday

Easter is my favorite holiday.  The food, the extended family, the (usually) nice weather…

This year, despite falling asleep and uncontrollably snickering at the priest with the lisp during the Easter Vigil, it was not as traditional as usual, due to MIA family members and a cooler-than-usual temp.  That didn’t stop us from eating, because if nothing else, Italians know how to eat.

IMG_20150406_082801Ham, meat fritatta, Allie’s Donuts, homemade calzones and pizzas, fruit salad, ricotta pie, bread, macaroni and cheese, green beans, lamb, roasted potatoes, more fritatta, Easter bread…and this doesn’t even show the deviled eggs, Portuguese massa bread, rice pie, or chocolate breakfast sweets and gallons of coffee milk.

I realize it’s only one day post-Easter, but I’m already looking forward to next year.



    1. We accidentally took two slices of two different ricotta pies (mislabeled) and therefore at like a full 1.5 lbs of basically just cheesecake filling. I thought we were going to explode!

  1. Holy F-word Batman! That is a shitload of food! 🙂 I was on a mainly liquid diet over Easter – probably lost a kilo or two but my head suffered 😉

      1. I think I might be worried to go on a pub crawl with you – unless you’d be ok with me actually crawling because I was so drunk…

      2. Hahaha! I can outdrink her, and most people despite my stature (or lack thereof), but you my dear….you win. I surrender 🙂 Maybe we can have a real contest some day!

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