Life is a Highway, Part 1: Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads

  • Days of Vacation:  8
  • Stops:  Denver, CO -> Jackson, WY -> Salt Lake City, UT ->  Southern Utah Parks -> Denver
  • Miles Driven:  2459
  • Fill-Ups (Partial):  7
  • Average MPG: ~36
  • National Parks Visited: 7 (+0.5)
  • Steps Walked:  131,548
  • Miles Hiked:  50.95
  • Trails Hiked: 8, plus every stopoff
  • Days it Rained: 8 (not kidding)
  • Days it Snowed: 2
  • 20 oz Bottles of Water Consumed:  52
  • Incidents:  4
  • Visits to the ER: 1
  • Friends Visited:  4
  • Photos Taken: 1832

I desperately needed an adventure.

I also desperately needed to get out of New England (and everything in it) for a short while, and I needed to take some time to think, de-stress, and to hit a (minor) reset button.  And I had never been to the West and Southwest, and there are friends there I have not seen in a long while.  So I boarded a late plane on a Friday night, and set off.


After a grueling flight to Dallas (my coincidental layover) where the young toddler in the middle seat behind me screamed for 4.5 hours, and the kid next to her played on his iPad at full volume and gave me a mediocre back massage in the form of incessantly kicking my seat, I was able to get a bit of shuteye on the leg to Denver.  And it’s very lucky that I did, because otherwise I would have slept through the next day, and I would have missed this view:


There’s nothing like you, a car, an open road, and endless possibilities.




  1. I can’t wait to read through your adventure! I drove from Buffalo NY to Redding CA to Portland OR then back to Buffalo the summer of 2015. I’ll be driving to Portland again this coming March.

      1. There’s over 700 food trucks! There’s also a used book store that is a whole city block. Each room is a different color. I also went to this restaurant that was a converted elementary school. There was a wine bar, gallery and other things in the building too. Very fun!

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