Life is a Highway, Part 4: Paint the Town Red

When I used to be SpeedRacer, I had lots of friends.  One friend moved to Colorado last year, and I took the opportunity to spend some time with him in his new hometown.

He lives in Olde Town, Arvada, which is a neighborhood/suburb of Denver proper.  It’s a bit touristy, and reminds me of Santa Barbara, CA or Newport, RI – cobblestone-y streets, much within walking distance, even train tracks to walk across (they’re live, so be careful!). There was also a steampunk bar where people were dressed up for the Derby…it was pretty fun. Oh, the fascinators….


We had brunch with some other friends, and then the day was spent in Olde Town.  Bar hopping, food hopping, and generally getting a feel for the place.  It’s cute, it’s novel, and it definitely doesn’t have that Big City feel like Denver proper does.  There’s even a water tower!  No, you cannot climb it, and yes, I did look for ways to try.


Spending time with my long-lost friend was great, walking around the town was great, and being in a completely new place was great.  Really, though, my favorite part of Arvada was the drive.  It isn’t every day that you (especially us East Coasters) can drive into this:




      1. The speed limit was 80 for most of the trip. There were tons of people, though. Colorado and Wyoming weren’t too crowded, but it’s the busy season for southern Utah…

      2. Your mother also lived during the height of the Cold War – she’s obviously used to fear and constant threat of imminent disaster 😛

    1. I didn’t spend too much time in Arvada, but that sounds like a delicious spot for the next time I visit 🙂 Though Brauns did have the magic croissaffles….

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