Life is a Highway, Part 7: Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Or, you know.  Pine cones and cacti are almost like roses.

My best friend in the whole world (read her blog here!) used to say I hated nature.  I am not entirely sure where she got that idea…It’s true that my ideal jungle is made of concrete, and I’m (literally) allergic to most things that become lovely in spring, but that doesn’t mean I hate nature!

Especially not after this trip.  There was so much to take in, so much flora and fauna.  It would be grey and white, and you’d see green.  Or it would be red and orange, and you’d see a burst of blue or white.  It was a welcome surprise, and it was always beautiful.

And then I got to thinking.  These plants, they are struggling to survive against the elements – freezing snow or burning sun.  Trees sprout, and they’re forced to twist and bend with the winds and the sun to stay alive.  And even though they aren’t straight and tall, they’re still growing.  Those desert flowers have limited resources, they are scorched from the sun and suffer through torrential downpours and gale force winds, and yet, they still bloom.

And so I thought: If they can do it, if they can survive against the odds, so can I.  Bring it on, Mother Nature.


IMG_2613 (2) IMG_3097 (2) IMG_3114 (2) IMG_3119 (2) IMG_20150507_173718210 IMG_20150508_162254436 IMG_20150509_113702199 IMG_20150510_093040 IMG_20150510_094347



  1. You know, for very selfish reasons I wasn’t psyched about you going on this trip bc I’d be without you at work for a week and a half. But if it resulted in your embracing Nature to the degree that is downright shocking – I am ALL for it. Road trip! Road trip!

    1. But now you are so happy because I love hiking and I fully embrace nature in a different sort of way than I used to. But the best part about all these flowers was that they didn’t make me sneeze!

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