Good Providence

Every once in a while, Rhode Island gets the props it deserves.


Image from PS – my grandparents’ old house is in this movie!

I’m a proud Rhode Islander – I know how to pronounce Usquepaug, Woonsocket, Cowesett, and Chepachet.  Del’s, fresh seafood from the docks, clamcakes, and parking at The Wall mean summer.  Narragansett Beach – never Misquamicut – is my shelter from the storm, and I drink iced coffee year round.


Image from

Seth MacFarlane and Family Guy helped put us on the map, but we get a lot of flack, us Rhode Islanders.  Yes, we’re a small state with enough quirks to fill Texas.  Yes, we think a 30-minute drive is a day trip.  Yes, we are aware that you can drive from north to south in 45 minutes; you don’t need to remind us.

So it always makes me happy when someone else – anyone – notices how great Rhode Island is.  The You Know You’re From RI When lists have been circulating the internet for years.  BuzzFeed took notice in this November 2013 post.  And most recently, it’s GQ.  Check out GQ’s take on Buddy Cianci’s renaissance city. 

Providence is a wonderful city, and I’m happy to call it the capital of my homestate.  If you haven’t visited, you should, and if you have, go get an iced coffee (no matter what the temperature is outside) and sink back into the nostalgia.



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