Life is a Highway, Part 12: City SLiCkers

After what would have been an amazing drive through the winding mountains in Wyoming and northern Idaho (stupid dump truck going 30 mph!), and after my fill of huckleberries, I found myself in Salt Lake City.  It was going to storm, and I had only an hour or so to look around, so I needed to hustle.

Part of this road trip was to see how I liked the Great West, and to find a place where I might want to live someday in the near future, and sadly, Salt Lake was not what I had hoped.  The city was great, but it lacked diversity, and I am fairly certain there was not much room for this Catholic Kortalian.  It’s a shame, because the city itself was pretty great.


So I figured I might just enjoy the sights and sounds.  I walked through a mall, exited, and saw a very cool city.  I wandered around a bit, and found myself at the square.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints must have an exorbitant bank account for flowers, because it was positively beautiful, and quite (literally) breathtaking. My allergies thank you, Brigham Young.IMG_20150505_194205779 IMG_20150505_194234553

Upon crossing the street, the first thing I saw was a giant sign, which I know was serious, but also sort of hilarious.  I realize what they were getting at, and why, but I chuckled to myself every time I saw it – which was frequently.


Even though I was the ONLY ASIAN FACE IN THE ENTIRE STATE, the church didn’t refuse me access, and I got to walk around a bit.  There’s a lot to take in – the square is quite large.  There’s incredible architecture, beautiful landscaping, random weddings taking place on a Tuesday night….what’s there not to love?

IMG_20150505_195028828 IMG_20150505_195049787 IMG_20150505_195135495 IMG_20150505_195532044 IMG_20150505_195606187_HDR

While I didn’t love the feel of the city, I was happy that got to experience more than the airport there.  It was a lovely place to see once in my life, and I even made it out before the rain.



    1. That’s because you only see the pictures…it was really sterile and mildly uncomfortable when I was actually there. There were inappropriate statues and it was completely lacking diversity. People were nice enough, but….

      1. Ok, so like there was an adult woman holding her (12-13 year old) son (I assume) and holding him from behind, with her hands holding his shoulders in what I interpreted to be kind of creepy….

        “But” means they were nice, but it was very, very homogeneous and not a place I’d want to live or raise a family.

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