If I Can’t Enjoy Fashion Week…

…I will enjoy Restaurant Week.

I’m lucky enough that Boston and New York are close enough to enjoy some of the best food on the East Coast, and I’m even luckier that it’s now the new trend to hold Restaurant Week in even the tiniest of towns.  Of course, it’s better when there seem to be more restaurants than people, so while in New York this weekend, my friend Geoff and I decided to take advantage of what equates to Restaurant Month.

It’d been five years since we hung out, so we figured we’d make a day of it. We selected DBGB, a place on the Lower East Side, and with time to kill, we headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  No, I did not sit on the steps like Blair – they’re actually pretty dirty and insanely crowded, (but I sat there at the top, in my head).


The Met steps are NEVER this deserted….Image courtesy of crissycalhoun.com 

Inside, we took a gander at some of the exhibits – there is a whole floor of Asian art, and a hallway of fashion influenced by Asian culture.  Who doesn’t love some haute couture Alexander McQueen with a touch of soy sauce?




A music exhibit followed – as a musician, there were some pretty awesome instruments.  There was a saxophone I’m pretty sure I couldn’t lift if I tried, there were clavichords (they sound like this) and a hundred beautiful keyboards of all ages and sizes.  It used to be my dream to own a 9′ Steinway concert grand, but I suspect until I own a home, I’ll have to make do with my little Yamaha electric piano. I also have a thing for pipe organs, and going into new churches is always a treat because I can turn around to stare.

IMG_20150802_170406861Finally, we wandered the halls to the armor and weaponry exhibit.  Weapons from the Japanese Shogun era to the Crusades to the last World War.  The most fun part was realizing that I could fit in the old Japanese armor – ancient Asians be midgety!




Complete with modern day ghost!

Finally, it was time for food.  DBGB is a French fusion place, and we had oysters (East Coast, please), and I opted for what was basically fancy macaroni and cheese with tomatoes, mushrooms, and duck confit, and a creme fraiche/mint ice cream dessert.  Geoff chose the burger and a plum tart ( I won on dinner, he totally won on dessert).





We hustled to get me back to Grand Central, and I made the train with time to spare.  Visiting an old friend, art, fashion, food, jaunts through Chinatown and NYU, passing by Madison Square Park and enjoying a gorgeous summer Sunday – what else do you need for a day NYC?



    1. If I would have been able to not be arrested for trying, I totally would have. I wanted to in Madrid, and bring a super cool sword home, but I figured that wouldn’t go over well on the plane…

  1. Yum yum yum all the way. I am not a fan of mint ice cream but I will take everything else. Esp that pasta thing. I came back from Italy w/o eating any kind of impressive pasta 😦 #NYDoesItBetter

    1. So it was sort of palate cleansing mint? I was very impressed…and oh the pasta. SO GOOD. You miss lots of things about NY – pizza, hot sauce, guac…

      1. So if you come for two days, are we going to have to send you to a Bud Light banya with yellow vitamin water, sourdough, cheese, those granola bars, and everything else on your food list?

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