Falling For You

Ahhh, fall.  The colorful leaves, football season, the brisk air, the pumpkin spice everything

It’s my favorite season, even though I don’t have school planners to decorate anymore (go ahead, laugh it up). There’s something special about the cooler weather, when my allergies change, and when I have to sleep snuggled deep in several blankets.  Also, it’s when people don’t look at me like I’m insane when I drink hot tea all the time…

The only thing better than October in southern New England is October in northern New England. It’s cooler, so things usually happen a bit earlier, and fall really feels like it’s in full swing.  This past weekend, I trudged up to Vermont in my rental Jeep (don’t ask) and spent two glorious days in a 1700’s farmhouse, surrounded by all that is fall, all that is New England, and all that is family.

My whole family was there to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday.  We were at Reading Farms Estate in Reading, VT, on the way to Killington and right near Woodstock (no, not that Woodstock).  It’s a spectacular old farmhouse that sleeps what feels like 50, has ponds, a barn, hiking trails over hundreds of acres, and amazing views. 
IMG_20151003_103519834 IMG_20151003_103744332_HDR

There were giant trout in this pond, but there was a “NO FISHING” sign…They wouldn’t have noticed if we took one, maybe…though we had plenty of food anyway.  There were pellets you could throw in the water, and it was a veritable feeding frenzy.  My aunt and cousin did this all weekend.  Any time we couldn’t find them in the house, they were outside feeding fish, and giggling. It really is the simple things in life. IMG_20151003_104522619 IMG_20151003_112548107 IMG_20151003_112726806_HDR

The best thing about the leaves being late to change this year are the half-and-half trees.  Splashes of color in what would otherwise be a monochromatic view.  It’s a good reminder that life goes on – no matter how hard the green tries to stay, it will eventually become bright orange and red, and change will happen. The only thing we can do is look forward to next spring, and starting over.





  1. This is the most picture-perfect-autumn-in-New-England post. I want to instragram the sh*t out of every photo! And it goes without saying that I WANT TO GO TO THERE.

    1. You would have LOVED it. There was a massive horse farm down the road, too. Some day, when you visit again, we’ll do this. But this time, no more raking leaves into a pile so you can jump in it….

      1. Here I’d agree to early autumn being beautiful, I do love the crisp colourful mornings. But the late autumn with only darkness and rain is not something I look forward to!

      2. Midday lunch walk sounds lovely!
        I have to move a fair bit around the city because of my work, and really love it if it makes more sense (=doesn’t waste time) to walk rather than use the public transport. Especially now getting in the darkest period, dark when going to work and dark when coming home.

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