Some of my friends and family might characterize me as “artsy.”  Arts, crafts, okay.  If that’s what it takes…I mean, I can’t draw a straight line to save my life, and if you asked me to paint something, it would have to be one of those guided, boozy paint events (and I make no promises that it would be identifiable).  But I was a damn good knitter.


So yes, I quill, and I knit, and I used to do beadwork and make jewelry.  Drawing, however, was never my strong suit.  My brother was great at art, and so was my best friend, but me?  If I were in prison, and had to draw something coherent to escape, I’d never, ever get out.

But in a recent surge of both “I can do this better than X person,” and “I need something else to calm my stress and anxiety levels, I did some research into doodling – specifically zentangle.  While I think a lot of the theories/restrictions are sort of BS, there’s definitely an element of calm in following the instructions and doing the same patterns over and over.  I’d already had the “right” pens for it, since I have teeny handwriting, but Id’ never really thought about using them for drawing.

It’s a cute new hobby that I can do when I’m watching TV, taking a break at work, or when I want to make something to give as a gift (and isn’t quilling or a knitted item).



I drew this on a chalkboard in my friend’s classroom.  He and some other friends were discussing conspiracy theories around Star Wars, and the storyline of Dragonball.  I stopped paying attention. 



I will always love Rent. 




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