Life is a Highway, Part 20: Fantastic Foods

Part of what makes travel so awesome is the opportunity to eat new foods.  Sadly, on a road trip, most of the food consists of quick meals eaten on the run – but sometimes you do get some gems.  From Denver, through Wyoming, passing through Idaho, a long few days through Utah, and back to Denver, I had some pretty good dishes.  One was so good, I’ve since made it at home – the legendary croissaffles.

While I did start my trip off with some sushi, I had everything from burgers, to sandwiches, to steak tips, and the occasional dinner of bottled water/granola bars (or even fast food).  And it’s those makeshift meals, searching for a good place to eat, that make the whole trip worth it.  And now, for your gastronomic pleasure, I present my favorite foods.


Because really, how can you go wrong?


OH MY GOSH CROISSAFFLES! I haven’t been able to duplicate the gravy, or the breaded chicken, but holy moly. It’s the best chicken and waffles I’ve ever had.


Hash and eggs…good stuff.


Korean short ribs…in Colorado.


Wyoming sandwich!


Typical sandwich, but those onion rings could have been giant bangles for my arm.


The only way to have a burger: Bacon, fried egg, BBQ sauce, and under it all were some mushrooms and cheese.


Random fruit – I have no idea what it is. I didn’t try it because it was like $5 and I had no idea how to open it, but if anyone knows, let me know!


I WANNA ICE CREAM! Square ice cream from Idaho, and it was so good. Fun shaped food just tastes better.




    1. She gives you fried and roasted pork things and you want sushi?! Woman, you are fickle! 😉

      I want everything minus the onion rings, and two helpings of square ice cream to finish off. Ta.

      1. There were so many flavors of square ice cream!!! I wanted like twelve of them (but sadly I went with buttercream and chocolate chip cookie dough).

  1. Yummy! That green fruit looks like a cactus (prickly) pear. You need to handle them carefully and peel away the skin before eating.

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