OK! Oktoberfest!

I’m baaaaaaaack!  Did you miss me? 🙂

I promise I will a) not leave you for that long again, and b) will finish both my Hong Kong and Epic Road Trip series, but for now, here’s something else.

I’ve been discovering new places as of late, as my new job offers more more flexibility and freedom than I ever though possible.  And the latest place I discovered was Fort Worth, Texas.  Okay, okay…it’s not really “discovering” it, but it was my first time there.  And no, it wasn’t to visit the Stockyards.   I might get there eventually, but this time, it was for an Oktoberfest.


Not having the privilege of attending an actual German Oktoberfest, I suppose I can settle for a Texan one.  Aside from the cowboy boots and hats, there were plenty of lederhosen and beer wenches to go around.  It’s as authentic as you can get given the location!  It was sponsored by Spaten, who brews one of my favorite Oktoberfest beers, and with a free 19oz stein, it was going to be a good day.  I even learned some trivia.

img_20160924_164029950I’m not a lush, I promise, and I got to play a gigantic game of Jenga (which I won, thank you very much).  I mean, it might’ve been better if I could have reached the top rung, but then again, beggars can’t be choosers.  There was also a bunch of cornhole, but the Fort Worth hipsters (which seem to be a cross between kids from Williamsburg and a straight up ranchero cowboy – at least they both wear plaid?) had monopolized it.


I am no match for the beer barrel rolling or the beer wench contest (though some might say I have the wench part down pat), so instead, I opted for food.  And food there was!  This little piggy ate schnitzel (OH EM GEE what have I been missing all my life?), sausages, sauerkraut, and warm potato salad.  There are no photos, because I ate it too fast.  I didn’t get to try some of the other things, like the roasted nuts or the pretzels, but it was time for dessert anyway.

It was cake, and it was delicious.  If I lived in Germany, I’d be a drunken fool that ate schnitzel and ate cake all the time.  And maybe that potato salad.  But definitely the cake.




      1. Yeah, I saw a programme the other day that followed the security staff around Oktoberfest. Felt really sorry for those poor guys! So many ridiculous drunks, pee everywhere – and it’s SO expensive! Your affair sounds a lot more civilised 🙂 And you look so cute in that photo!

  1. CAKE! Finally you’re starting to see the light 😉

    A very long time ago, when I was a trainee in my first job for Coca-Cola, I attended college (Germany’s dual educational system – you work half the week, the other half is spent at college) with two trainees from Spaten. They got 72 litres of free beer a month. Each. Quite a lot to get through for a 16-yr-old 😉 (Legal drinking age in Germany is 14, at least where beer is concerned. For the stronger stuff, it’s 18).

    1. Good Lord, 72L per MONTH? I don’t know that I drink 72L per YEAR! Does that mean you got 72L of soda per month 🙂

      And yes…the cake..I don’t know who I am anymore! But it was some cherry crumble thing, and I probably could have eaten the whole tray if she turned her back long enough!

      1. I got four crates of soda a month, which was nothing to complain about, but once I heard about theirs..!

        Cherry – not very Oktoberfest. Should’ve been plums 😉 Not that I care… just shove it all in my direction, ta!

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