There’s Only 1 Formula for Happiness

If you know me at all, you know I love Formula 1. 

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I love Fernando Alonso, I love Nico Hülkenberg, I love Ferrari. I love the cars, I love the excitement, I love the glamour. I love the noise, I love the screaming fans….I just love everything about it.

Fernando Alonso: Come on, how could you not love that face?
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Nico Hülkenberg: He could teach Tyra a thing or two about smizing!
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Last year, I attended my first F1 race, the inaugural race at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. It was the best vacation I’ve ever taken (not counting my own annual pilgrimage to Lincoln, Nebraska for the SCCA Solo National Championships, in which I compete). 

I was fortunate enough to be the lucky recipient of a garage tour with the F1 marketing director of Santander, one of the big sponsors of Formula 1. It was probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Seriously, it rivals nearly winning Nationals. Actually….no. It was definitely better. Being around pit stop practice, seeing the cars up close, the view of the track…Even when Kimi Räikkönen almost knocked me over. I kind of wish he had. What a great story THAT would have been! (PS, he’s really short.)

Pit stop practice at Lotus!

Standing in my favorite driver’s garage space….no he wasn’t there, but at least I got to see it all!

I’m heading back to Austin this year, for my second Formula 1 race, and while I haven’t been in touch with my contact at Santander, I am hoping and praying to be able to get in the pits again. I love being around all of this, and working in Formula 1 is my ultimate dream. But before that, I need to make some contacts. And to make those contacts I just need to get me some of these: 


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Someone reading this, help a sister out? Let’s make some dreams come true!