Never underestimate the obliviousness and stupidity of even the most unlikely of candidates.

Also, never underestimate them in general, for they might be playing dumb just to piss you off. Which is probably more likely.


Anyone who knows me knows I have a poor reputation for maintaining my cell phone. It’s always got a cracked screen, lost, or not working properly. However, my last phone not only has a case, but a screen protector as well. I’ve been working really hard to keep it in good condition. 

That being said, my phone was left in the car I race. Said car lives in the Washington DC area, nearly 6 hours from me. While I am sad that I don’t get immediate notifications about emails, Facebook, or Twitter, I think I can manage. I had a conversation with a friend on our house phone (circa 1994!) yesterday – and it was funny. So I’m getting along without a phone ok – I should have it back by the weekend.

The only moment of panic was when I tried to navigate to an Indian restaurant yesterday – I’d never been, don’t know the town, and had no idea where to go. How did I ever survive without Google Maps and navigation? I had to literally write the directions down. Jesus. What is the world coming to?

Perfectly Disastrous

Anna: so MAYBE it’s how I came across, but MAYBE it’s how you react to things, bc you’re generally hyper-critical of yourself
  so, just food for thought
 me: I am not!
  I am not hypercritical of myself!
  just my weight
 Anna: you always want to be perfect perfect wife, perfect daughter-in-law, perfect teammate
 me: what’s wrong with that
 Anna nothing and you work hard at it
  but you’ve been focused on that, and what other ppl think of you, sometimes at the expense of your own feelings
 and it’s like…it spills over in seeing criticism or negativity in things that are positive, bc you’re so afraid of falling short of this Olympic standard
My best friend in the whole world is a great person. She really is. 


I really. Really. Really hate being the last to know things. Or to be brought into the loop halfway through and then be told “oh you don’t need to know the background.” Seriously. If you’re going to bother to bring me in, BRING ME IN. I’m either in or out.  If you want me IN, I want to be in, but that means I’m IN. Not half way, I want to know what you know. And if you don’t bother telling me, leave me alone!


So….I am frustrated today because of something that is supposedly happening tomorrow and there isn’t anything I can do about it….but then this song comes on my playlist:


And it totally made me feel better. It is exactly how I feel about this person.


I can’t let you let me down again.